Deluxe Armchairs of the year, it’s we gonna show you today. If you are looking for a refreshed design for your home décor or commercial space, this post was made for you.
We choose between some of the Best Furniture Brands to provide you the best pieces.


  • Greta Armchair by Ottiu

    Greta armchair | deluxe armchairs
    Firstly, Greta is part of Ottiu’s Century Collection. With the Hollywood Golden Era in mind, Greta tells you a story while you leave yourself to its comfort.  Upholstered in draped velvet along its body, supported with long and aged brass legs and finished with extremely elegant brass accents.

  • Bridle Armchair by Ikandi 

    Bridle armchair 002

    Kandi is renowned for supplying luxury Italian furniture and designer home furnishing brands of outstanding quality. A subtle nod to tradition is all the Bridle Armchair needs to exude timeless elegance.

      • Chicago Armchair by Porus Studio

        Deluxe armchairs - chicago armchair by porus studio
        Inspired by the huge vibrant city which is Chicago, Porus Studio designers conceived this modern armchair. Therefore, this modern portrait of classic is made of solid wood and upholstered in cotton velvet.

  • William Armchair by Wood Tailors Club

    SWilliam armchair | deluxe armchairs

    Designed by Wood Tailors Club, William’s armchair is inspired by the gentleman lifestyle. Rigorously handcrafted in solid walnut wood and upholstered in linen, the William Armchair is enriched with rattan texture on his arms. Therefore, giving it a timeless touch and embellished with brushed brass details. So this rattan armchair would look perfect next to a handcrafted center or side table in a deluxe living room, combined with interesting patterns

  • Louis Armchair by Ottiu

    Deluxe armchairs - louis armchair by ottiu

Finally, the Louis Family, one of the most famous pieces designed by Ottiu.  Inspired by Louis Armstrong, who was one of the most imposing figures in jazz music during the Hollywood Golden Era. As a result, this contemporary armchair is upholstered in cotton velvet. Also, it is carried by walnut wood legs with contrasting golden piping, making it a classic design that radiates from this chair’s modern lines and polished brass accents.



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What’s your opinion about the Deluxe Armchairs? We are totally in love with all of them so that if you want to keep inspired stay tuned to our blog. Share with us your opinion and stay tuned for more posts about the Best Luxury Armchairs!