Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

To order one of our exclusive pieces please send us an email to info@porustudio.com

Our sales manager can guide you through the decision-making process via telephone, website forms, WhatsApp or email. Please visit our contact page

Please visit our contact page and send us an email with the name, month, and page number of
the magazine. Also, please describe which piece it is that you would like information on and we
would be happy to reply to your request.

Your order will be shipped once the production is complete and you have made the full payment.
The delivery time depends on the shipping options you choose and on your location.

Porus sells its pieces all over the world and we provide help with the transportation.

You can always check the status of your order by mailing us and we also provide details about
updates if necessary.


They are both located in Oporto, an historical city in the North of Portugal. Porus’s pieces are
handmade in Oporto, in Portugal.

Once you made the initial payment we will start the production.

Production time is between 6 to 8 weeks. The delivery time is not included.

We customize all of our products in sizes, materials and colors.

The lead time for custom orders can vary between 10 and 12 weeks. For orders of numerous
quantities Porus reserves the right to agree with costumer the production lead time.


After you made your order you will receive a confirmation by email with further details on how
to proceed.

Once you made the initial payment we will start the production.

In case of your order is a custom piece once we start production it cannot be altered. For standard
pieces it depends on a case-by- case basis. You should contact us and expose all the details on
your request and it will be evaluated

You can pay by making a bank transfer.


You can pay in €uros, US dollars or GB Pounds.

The payment should be done by bank transfer and a receipt of the referred transfer should be sent
to the email info@porustudio.com. You must make a transfer of 50% of the total value of the
Proforma to place the order and the balance payment must be done 3 days before shipment.

Porus offers exceptional discounts for professionals, showrooms and contract/hospitality
projects. For more specific information, please contact our sales team to info@porustudio.com.

VAT is not included in the price, this legal tax must be added


If you choose to take Porus’s help in transportation, we guarantee insurance by the transport
company. However, if you choose to schedule it yourself, we strongly advise you to get
insurance. We do not require you to sign the order, but if you prefer you can sign it.

Three days before shipping your order we will request you the balance payment. As soon as the
pieces are shipped we will inform you with all the contact details of the transportation company.

Order date means the day that you have made your order. Ship date concerns to the day that your
order has been shipped.

Once the order has been dispatched it is no longer our responsibility. You will be give all the
contact details of the transportation company so, in case you would like to change your shipping
address you can contact them.

Usually we ship all pieces of the same order together. However, if you prefer we can ship them
as soon as they are produced.

After your order has been dispatched we will contact you with all the details you need. We will
also kindly ask you for a contact of a second person. If you aren’t in when the parcel arrives this
person will be contacted.


No returns will be accepted without written consent from Porus. Unauthorized returns will be
refused at the customer’s expense. For authorized return we will provide all the information


All our pieces leave our factory in perfect condition and perfectly packed. We are not responsible
for loss or damage in transit. If a visible or concealed damage occurs in transit, please notify
immediately the delivering carrier with a file notification of claim intention. Please note: Failure
to report concealed damage within fifteen days of receipt will result in the denial of your claim.
Any damage should also be communicated to Porus during the first 48 hours after receiving
the order; photographic evidence of the damages should be sent by email to

If the product is correctly used and for some reason it gets damage, we will take responsibility
and repair it.

Each product has a clean and care guide. You will find the most suitable cleaning option in our
website, in each product page.


Porus doesn’t keep stock of its pieces. Generally, our pieces are produced upon request, so
you will need to wait for the production time. However, on a case-by- case basis we might be
able to fulfill your order immediately.

Porus has pieces that will give a trendy touch to your portfolio improving it with a varied
range of products. Porus is constantly launching novelties increasing your capacity to fulfill
your client’s needs. It is also possible to customize our pieces in order to be suitable for your
clients. We offer competitive lead times, exceptional discounts with good profit margins. If you
need anything we are glad to assist you in short period of time.

By subscribing our newsletter, you will receive all of our novelties and special promotions. You
can subscribe it on our website.

If you have chosen to provide us your personal data, be assured that such data is solely used by
Porus for keeping you informed regarding Porus products, Porus events and other related
news items or for market- and opinion research. No data provided to us shall be sold to third
parties or otherwise used by third parties.

You can unsubscribe at any moment.