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Delve into a world of interior inspiration where style, innovation, and functionality converge. Discover how to infuse your living room with the very essence of current design trends, making it a true reflection of your style and personality.

Porus Studio’s designers sought inspiration from one of New York’s architectural gems, the iconic Eleven Times Square. Gracing the heart of Times Square, this towering masterpiece stands as a beacon of architectural prowess. It proudly reigns as the tallest sentinel in the illustrious realm of Times Square.

Blending Portuguese Craftsmanship and a deluxe lifestyle and transforming sights into deluxe living protagonists, Porus Studio designers conceived the Square Center Table. Featuring a simple yet elegant bronze glass and marble tabletop, this modern center table is supported by an aged brushed brass structure. The contemporary Square center table is the perfect choice for any modern living room space.

Hampshire Table Lamp

Hampshire table lamp

Square Center Table

Square center table

Yosemite Sofa

Yosemite sofa

California Side Table

California side table 1 2