Indulgent Floor Lamp

Willis Tower, formerly and commonly known as Sears Tower, is a skyscraper office building in Chicago and one of the tallest buildings in the world. Porus Studio designed Sears Floor Lamp under the inspiration of the architectural construction of the tower and its varied tube heights, since it was one of the first buildings to use Fazlur Khan’s “bundled tube structure”. Sears Floor Lamp has an asymmetrical, majestic silhouette with geometric lines and details in stainless steel lacquered with gold pounder varnish and it settles on a rectangular base, made in Carrara marble. Sears Tower’s Skydeck is the tower’s observation deck, but in your contemporary room, Sears Indulgent Floor Lamp is an imposing piece that delivers an eye-catching statement of sophistication.

Sears Floor Lamp

Sears floor lamp

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Coloma sideboard

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