Sarah Stewart-Smith is a chich interior designer with a no-nonsense approach. Sarah‘s background is in fashion and interiors journalism. But she branched into interior design in the late 90’s.  And she usually breaks the rule “The customer is always right”.


The design process can take five moths or four years. It depends on the dimension of the project. She has two longest projects each spanned four years.



She feels a very lucky person. Because the beautiful result of her projects is also result of her work with dedicated contractors, makers and artists.


For her, her clients “essentially have to take a leap of faith in me, my ideas and abilities”. Her success is the result of a project lies in the client relationship as well as the manner in which each one guide.



” I love designing homes and being part of the process from the outset of a project, with the enthusiasm and joy for an idea, to the very last minute when the beds are made up and the flowers placed in water.” she said.

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